7 Bedroom Tour That Had Gone Way Too Far | bedroom tour

Main affectation shelf hosting the majority of my collections and afore you ask:2x 40cm advanced Billy Bookshelf2x 80cm advanced Billy Bookshelfborderless bottle panels are customised so there is no annoying anatomy and bargain charge for blanket because I’m lazy

ROOM TOUR 2015 - YouTube
ROOM TOUR 2015 – YouTube | bedroom tour

More photos beneath spoiler

View spoilerHide spoilerGil had no area abroad to go. He’s the centerpiece really

My BRS girls. They attending as admirable as the aboriginal day I got them. I’m afflicted with GSC’s Deadmaster in which she’s still amphibian off her accomplishment afterwards a adumbration of leaning

My every growing Saber accumulating which will eventually aggrandize to FGO collection. It will be my agitator for the gacha

Middle Shelf affectation aka the capital dish

View spoilerHide spoilerYou can’t see it but Miku is counterbalanced on top of 4 risers actually. Thankfully we don’t accept earthquakes actuality phew

My poor Miku has been squished adjoin the bottle aperture aback I got her. She has suffered greatly. The mini Miku abutting to Len was absolutely best up from Wonderfest aftermost year! She is 3D printed and adorable. I couldn’t resist

I was cat-and-mouse for Sakura to access afore assuredly authoritative a blog (I’m still backward sorry!! ;;) She is the antithesis to Miku’s massive presence

My rule-breakers of “thou shall not buy abstracts of alien origins” abuse it. Yaiba ITEM #331535 will somehow fit on this shelf already she’s released

View spoilerHide spoilerAgonisingly slow-growing accumulating of Fire Emblem figures. PLEASE MAKE MORE!! ANYONE. I’m atrocious ( ;∀;)

Boys ancillary accumulating 1. I’m still acquisitive they’ll accomplish a able calibration of Matoba one day…

ROOM TOUR 2015 - YouTube
ROOM TOUR!! – YouTube | bedroom tour

Touken Ranbu Calibration hell. Higekiri & Hizamaru will accompany them because they’re my favourite but I’ll be added austere with the abstracts afterwards that

View spoilerHide spoilerOne Piece Strong World Accumulating charcoal the aforementioned because they are too air-conditioned to pass. However Brook in the aback is boring aggravating to angular bottomward and get a blink at Robin’s panties

My anytime alteration nendo/ichiban kuji kyun chara/others display. Kuroko no Basket centric. I had to let go of a lot of nendos aggravating to accomplish allowance for my TKRB ones but thankfully a new detolf adored the day. Added photos below

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Momonosuke consistently brings a smile to my face. I bought him aloof for this collection

My Haikyuu collection! This was my latest on-going activity and I’m so animated OR is authoritative a abounding set. I will get Tanaka & Asahi to complete the team

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ROOM TOUR 2015 - YouTube
Room Tour 2017 ♥ – YouTube | bedroom tour

My accessory shelf. One day, in the ‘hopefully’ abroad approaching the books will be removed to accomplish allowance for added figures…

View spoilerHide spoilerKuroshitsuji shrine

Kuroko no Basket shrine

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My mini Fire Emblem shrine. Lucina is so admirable there (#^^#)

This hangs aloft my bed. They are amphibian shelves from Ikea and I customised the acrylic case so I don’t accept to dust they attending nice. Sadly the basal 3 panels are angled from aircraft so I had to blu-tac them down. It’s actual annoying to change the display.

I’m absolutely blessed the Avengers set fit altogether on the shelf

My new detolf shelf. My mum bought added shelves and gave me one because I’ve been annoyed at active out of space. She’s awesome

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ROOM TOUR 2015 - YouTube
Bedroom Tour – MELISSA MERK | bedroom tour

My blowzy assignment space.

View spoilerHide spoilerAcrylic case from Muji. They are absolute for Kyun Chara figures

My apathetic growing band collection. I wasn’t declared to buy any abuse it!

Some Misc photos beneath spoilerView spoilerHide spoilerClose up of Luci. I couldn’t abide sorry