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When I aboriginal confused to New York, my accompany aback home would generally ask me if active there acquainted like actuality in Gossip Girl. As a 21-year-old alum apprentice active on the sixth attic of a accommodation with two roommates, no air conditioning, and often, no hot water, I would say my acknowledgment aback again was a aural no.

Roughly six years later, I like to anticipate I’ve confused up in the world. I now allotment a one bedchamber accommodation with my boyfriend, co-own a cactus, and can usually calculation on appealing mild baptize pressure. Still, the Gossip Girl fantasy charcoal a abroad and unattainable one. Sure, I can amusement myself to casual Laduree macaron, but the accustomed actuality of the Manhattan aristocratic continues to baffle comprehension.

Nothing makes that added bright than re-watching Lily van der Woodsen plan a quick Thanksgiving for 14 of her abutting and angel in the show’s third division anniversary special, “The Treasure of Serena Madre.” (Note: I am acquainted that the actual best Gossip Girl Thanksgiving adventure is acutely Division 1’s “Blair Waldorf Must Pie,” but in an accomplishment to focus on a distinct dinner, I accept fabricated the controlling accommodation to exclude it from this narrative.)

A quick epitomize of the plot: It’s Lily and Rufus’ aboriginal Thanksgiving as a affiliated couple. Lily wants to comedy it cool, and grab a turkey banquet for Eric, Rufus, Jenny and herself. Rufus, in an accomplishment to abruptness his wife (bad move) invites her mother to accompany them now that she’s in remission. The botheration is that Lily has been lying to Rufus about visiting Cece, instead activity off in chase of her ex-husband. Serena, meanwhile, is accepting an activity with Nate’s cousin, Congressman Tripp Vanderbilt, who is additionally planning on abrogation his wife. Post-threesome with Olivia, Dan is angry with the abstraction that he ability accept animosity for Vanessa, who is additionally angry with her activist mother. Blair and Chuck are in a attenuate aeon of calm, choleric by the actuality that Blair is afraid her mother is abundant and autograph her out of her will. Eric and Jenny are feuding. Oh, and Dorota’s pregnant. In authentic Gossip Girl style, this all comes to a arch back they all accordingly end up about the aforementioned Thanksgiving table.

Let’s allocution about that table. Curious aloof how out of ability a accurate Gossip Girl Thanksgiving is to the boilerplate human, I accept attempted to appraisal how abundant it would amount to host one. Back I’m not a Waldorf or a van der Woodsen, I’ve approved to assumption as to some of the vendors that could accept been acclimated for this event. I accept additionally afar the amount of the wine, because I brainstorm that these bodies all accept cellars with hundred-year old Madeira accessible at a moment’s notice.

1) The Table

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

waldorf residence – serena’s-bedroom – gossip girl interiors set … | gossip girl serena bedroom

Staff: Party Rentals lists their ante as including a collapsed fee of $15 per agents appropriate on top of the $25 per hour amount for a minimum bristles hour booking. Considering it’s Thanksgiving, that amount would apparently access to time and a half, or $37.50 per hour. I counted four waiters in the shots of this dinner, and estimated they were apparently assassin for at atomic 7 hours (including clean-up) which would appear out to $1,110.

Dorota: Priceless

2) The Food

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Turkey: My quick Google chase informs me that one should calculation on about 1 batter per serving, but back no hostess wants to appear up short, I feel like Lily would apparently over-order. One 20-lb turkey it is! $120

Stuffing: There are four types of stuffings listed, and I anticipate all four would be bare to accomplish the adequate array quota. Let’s say about two pounds of each.

– Sausage & Herb- $8.99/lb x 2 = $17.98

– Chestnuts w. Scallion- $8.99/lb. x 2 = $17.98

waldorf residence – serena’s-bedroom – gossip girl interiors set … | gossip girl serena bedroom

– Cornbread w. Walnut & Raisins- $8.99/lb. x 2 = $17.98

– Wild Rice Stuffing with Mushrooms- $13.99/lb. x 2 = $27.98


– Jenny’s anniversary mashed candied potatoes: Bland, according to Eric. Amount unknown.

– Traditional Mashed Potatoes- $8.99/lb. x 4 = $35.96

– Roasted Baby Carrots w/ rosemary & garlic $8.99/lb. x 3 = $26.97

– Acorn Squash Stuffed w/ cranberries- $8 anniversary x 14 = $112


10 inch Pumpkin Pie-$24.00 x 3 = $72

waldorf residence – serena’s-bedroom – gossip girl interiors set … | gossip girl serena bedroom

10 inch Apple Crumb Pie-$25 x 2 = $50

10 inch Pumpkin Cognac Cheesecake -$50 x 2 = $100

Turkey Gobble Cake-$60 x 2 = $120

3) The Extras

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Smoked apricot platter: Back they’re on the East Side, let’s go with Eli Zabar’s. One 1.5lb amalgamation goes for $85.

OVERALL TOTAL: $4,865.85

Happy Thanksgiving! Xoxo.

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