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NOTICE: This blog column includes images of dishabille in painting and drawing.–

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What we accept actuality are 23 pieces of art, with my addendum on each. These works are by 23 of 50 artists — apery 23 of 100 artworks — included in affair #68 of Poets/Artists magazine, which I had the account of curating beneath the advice of administrator Didi Menendez.

The annual does not accommodate this commentary. I am actual appreciative of the magazine, but in print, I like to attending at art after all the chit-chat. So the annual is low on text. However, there is a cool Instagram contour alleged @paint_anyway, which is generally run by bedfellow curators. I was arrive to advertise a alternative of assignment from my affair of Poets/Artists at @paint_anway. I anticipation my contributions there could use a little accounting introduction. So back I fabricated the aching alternative of a atom of the artwork, I chose decidedly the pieces I anticipation I could address article absorbing about. And I wrote a little branch anecdotic what I saw in anniversary one, and how that fabricated me feel.

I’ve aggregate those artworks and that argument here. But while I accept your attention, let me acclaim Poets/Artists — you can examination or download my absolute affair actuality — and additionally @paint_anway if you’re on Instagram, it’s a abundant ability to accept in your feed.

I adulation the assignment included below, and I am blessed to accept the befalling to allotment it, and my thoughts about it, with you. I achievement you had a admirable Thanksgiving, and that your accessible anniversary of best goes actual well.

David Salle, Tangled Up, 2013, oil on canvas, acrylic and silkscreen ink on lath with hand-thrown bowl object, 44″ x 59″Art © David Salle/Licensed by Vaga, NY, NYreproduction after permission is prohibited

This is the awning angel of the issue, a painting by David Salle; the woman is Syrie Moskowitz. Salle is allegorical for his addition to the abstraction and convenance of postmodern art. At an absolute level, his assignment is analytic, in the faculty that its anatomy is bent by the account it seeks to annotate and test. But beheld from what I brainstorm as its inside, as the activity of its generation, I accept that it is additionally classically intuitive, that it contains a able aspect of Salle messing about until what he sees in advanced of him aloof works.

Anna Rose Bain, Fledglings, 2014, oil on linen, 20″ x 24″

Figurative painter Anna Rose Bain has been painting her babe back she was born. There is a able aspect of activity in the added able pieces, article that usually doesn’t assignment for me. But the basic amore of Bain for her babe gives this activity backbone and integrity, and makes the work, in my opinion, calmly moving.

Mary Chiaramonte, These Memories too are Bound to Die, 2014, acrylic on wood, 32″ x 48″

I saw this addictive painting of Mary Chiaramonte’s back it was aboriginal painted, and fabricated a agenda to broadcast it as anon as I could. There is article so gaspingly acrid to the burst glass, the algid wind, the angled black light, and that missing account on the adulteration wall. I adulation this painting.

Bo Bartlett, Still Point, 2005, oil on panel, 24″ x 24″

This painting by Bo Bartlett exemplifies some of my admired qualities in his work. His hardly august abstracts angrily back his adulation of bodies – generally of women – both in accepted and as individuals. His serene compositions accord the eyewitness breath allowance to abstraction the work. But the bender of his art is not a catechism of beef alone, or bolt alone, or any actual thing; it is additionally the bender of ablaze and of beginning air. Daylight fills best of his paintings, and this is what makes them so alive and appropriate for me.

Elizabeth D’Angelo, She Anticipation She Was Small and Trapped, But She Was Not, 2014, alloyed media on clayboard, 8″ x 8″

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This aberrant allotment by Elizabeth D’Angelo is ambrosial on its own, in its crazy color, acute line, acceptable cheer, and symmetry. But alive a bit about the artisan helps to explain and deepen what she does; she suffers from an affliction which keeps her bedfast to her bedchamber abundant of the time, generally in pain. She fills the micro-worlds of her art with activity and detail, creating a average of airy liberation from the bastille of her body. In this faculty she is like Kahlo, and the two allotment some traits, but I anticipate of D’Angelo as her own altered and arresting artist.

Carrie-Ann Bracco, The Ice Trek, Perito Moreno Glacier, 2012, oil on panel, 21″ x 12″

Look at the ample ambit of icy nature! The tiny calibration of the beastly abstracts trudging beyond the acrid wilderness! In this painting by Carrie-Ann Bracco we accost the ballsy calibration of the apple we alive in, and our own base role in it; humbling, but analogous it in some sense, back we are at our best. After all, these abstracts stubbornly accomplish their way beyond the alarming land. Bracco’s assignment conveys the adorableness of the barbaric Earth, and a adventurous and hopeful eyes of our abode in it.

Joaquin Carter, Bifurcation 3, 2008, agenda C-print, 7″x12″

This allotment by Joaquin Carter was fabricated application the activity of decalcomania – acute a adhesive aqueous amid two collapsed surfaces, and afresh case one of those surfaces away. It is a admirable address in the easily of an artisan acute to its aberrant and funny qualities, like Carter. He produces a admirable and abnormally agreeable administration of shapes which could about be organic.

James Gurney, Blockbuster, 2000, oil, 10″ x 18″

Artist and illustrator James Gurney may be best accepted for his Dinotopia series, but he has produced an astronomic anatomy of paintings, from the accidental to the added worked-up, celebratory accustomed moments in the characterless places-in-between of the United States. His eye seeks out the landscapes and altar we commonly forget, and he fixes them in his anamnesis and ours, award the admirable and advantageous in their alone blankness. In some ways, this is agnate to the cool balladry of Lee Child’s descriptions of exurbia in his alternation of Jack Reacher thrillers. Both Gurney and Child assignment to redeem swaths of America which are commonly abominable or absolutely overlooked.

Jeremy Lipking, Riders Beneath Vermilion Cliffs, 2015, oil on linen, 30″ x 40″

Jeremy Lipking is one of the best able colorists authoritative paintings in the United States today. His butt not alone of the subtleties of alone colors, but of the appulse of adjoining colors on one addition and on an all-embracing composition, are on par with the masters of the 19th century, as far as I’m concerned. Actuality he turns his eye on a ballsy mural of the West, orchestrating every aspect about two counterbalanced priorities: the aftermost of the sunlight on the cliffs, and the beginning abstracts inhabiting an already dim dark landscape. To me, this painting has a amazing faculty of scale, of the affection of air and wind, and of the specific acquaintance of a distinct moment, alike if that moment is allotment of circadian time, advancing by in variations afresh and again.

Katie O’Hagan, Bedraggled Laundry, 2012, oil on canvas, 48″ x 38″

What a cool and advancing painting this is! Katie O’Hagan paints actuality the archetypal all-overs dream of actuality bent naked in public. She half-covers her self-portrait with the bedraggled laundry of the title, but as the appellation suggests, alike this accoutrement leaves her baldheaded – bedraggled laundry is what you alarm bad secrets. O’Hagan’s fantasy actuality seems to be self-revelation, absolution go of ambuscade what one is abashed of. And yet she finds herself in a gloomy, alone town. It is accessible that her adapt ago spent time and activity on presenting a apple-pie façade, but in the end cipher would accept cared if she hadn’t.

Isaac Pelepko, Raven Standing, 2011, graphite on paper, 18″ x 24″

Many of the works I chose for this accumulation absorb treatments of personal. Isaac Pelepko’s cartoon strikes me as a able and awe-inspiring analysis of the theme. A man stands naked, accoutrements up, so that although he is acutely actual strong, his backbone cannot advice him: his absolute anatomy is apparent to attack. His accoutrements are angled into blind cloths, and the ambience and affectation are bilaterally symmetrical, lending a august casting to the image, as if the man presented himself as a sacrifice. He is spotlit, and there is a attending of acute absorption on his face. There is a able amative aspect to this, and an aspect of danger, and aloft all a altered alarming aberancy which for me runs through Pelepko’s anatomy of work.

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Mia Pearlman, CLOUDSCAPE, 2006, acrylic and gesso on paper, 11″ x 14″, photo: Mia Pearlman

How I adulation this painting! This is an abstract cloudscape, one of a alternation Pearlman painted. For me, there is a altered alarm to aberrant clouds, and alike to the added appropriate absolute ones, like the lenticular mammatus aboriginal well-documented over Joplin, Missouri in 2005. I accept that the end of the apple will activate with aberrant clouds. Pearlman captures that abhorrence here: clouds that, because they are able to form, announce that what we anticipation we knew about the apple was wrong. If there should prove radically added to the accessible cosmos than we knew, it will bulk to the end of our little accustomed world. We will be advance forcibly into the unknown, able to await on nothing, at the benevolence of conflicting forces. Pearlman’s assignment is a apprehension of this abominable shattering.

Samantha Keely Smith, Tocsin, 2012, oil on canvas, 56″ x 78″

While we are on the accountable of cool landscapes, let’s adore Samantha Keely Smith’s alarming Tocsin. As against to Pearlman’s appalling future, Smith’s assignment reads to me like an angel of the basic past, a anamnesis of the Hadean Eon, the agitable age with which Earth began. It is an angel of amorphous elements at war with one another, of adjustment aloof about arising from a amaranthine baking of the amateurish capacity of the alive Earth. It is an angel that is unspeakably ancient, in the aforementioned abominable address as Lovecraft’s delineation of age on age afore the acceleration of Man. In this aboriginal landscape, ablaze emerges, at already aggressive and consoling, because these opposites accept not yet migrated to against poles of experience. In the roiling unity, they are still the same.

Anne Harris, Self-portrait (Orange), 2006, oil and alloyed media on mylar, 41″ x 30″

Anne Harris has produced a cardinal of self-portraits application agnate artful parameters: a aboveboard nude, a belted palette, a use of absent edges so acute as to banish ample portions of the body. Aloft all, she has been belittling with her appearance, accentuating the billowing of abdomen and breast, the abrasion of hair, the abatement of accoutrements and thighs, the bloom of adenoids and fingers and eyelids. There is such an acuteness to the accusation of her boring that it is difficult to attending at her work, and additionally cool to attending away. I accept no cessation to draw about broader moral or sexual/political implications of what she does. To me, she is best alarming as an alone with a accurate and blithely accomplished vision, who either has no faculty of abhorrence or discomfort, or does not accord it an inch. In this, she auspiciously carries out Rodin’s apprenticeship to go on staring until you see the beauty.

Chris Rini, Chuck Trying to Finish, 2013, woodwork & stain & digital, 9″ x 9″

This is an chapter in a abiding activity of Chris Rini’s, of afire images of MMA angry assimilate wood. The argot so affably matches the content! Actuality are simple images of men fighting, traced out with blaze on wood, with no fuss or detail to spare. The draughtsmanship is simple and sure, the cardinal of curve and colors minimal, the ambience elided entirely. They are absolutely right. In capturing and advantageous accolade to the spirit of hand-to-hand activity sport, I feel like they become admirable civil ikons.

Stanka Kordic, Thunderbird, 2015, oil on copse panel, 12″ x 12″

Stanka Kordic has wrestled for abounding years with the convenance of absolution go. I accept followed her evolving allegorical assignment as she has experimented with altered agency of interfering with the candor of the rendering. While there has been averseness in her accomplished work, the adherence of the angel cardinal her actuation to abstruse it, I feel she has entered with aplomb into the “zone” in this new work. Edges fade, genitalia and capacity dissolve, and we are larboard alone with traces of her natively affected line, which yields at aftermost to what she sought: a agreement authentic by affection and color.

Nicola Hicks, Dressed for the Woods II (detail), 2013, plaster, 78 ¾” x 71″ x 71″, copy of 3 (AFG 51758)

Hicks sculpts in abstracts like harbinger and mud, afore casting her assignment in added abiding substances. She combines the alive anarchy of her basic average with the additional classical forms of her figures. This lends them a baptismal feeling, a activity of angelic submersion in baptize and in soil. Actuality we see a amount as if from a children’s book, a boy dressed as a bear. Hicks renders him with the acerbity with which he understands himself, adorning his activity so that the eyewitness adventures the hidden abracadabra of the agrarian which the boy recognizes and channels.

Farsam Sangini, Sara Kooroo, 2014, oil on canvas, 19.7″ x 17.7″

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A adolescent woman sits angled in a chair, knees covered by a blanket, boring angry aside, absent in thought. Behind her an old television, a bedimmed wall, a crimson blowzy with calm debris. At her feet, beat tiles or linoleum. Farsam Sangini, amid in Tehran, strikes me as announcement an artistic and abysmal affinity with the everyday, with the circadian apropos of his sitters and with the capacity of their lives. This breed of applied but affectionate accuracy was one of the abundant projects of nineteenth aeon painting and writing, and it is such a abatement to appointment it again, to see an artisan committed to affectionate the meanings of the lives of those about him, and application art not to change those lives, but to advance them with a address which can alone be acquired through the admiring and clear-eyed gaze.

Andrew Sendor, Three replicas of stills from the documentary “Interview Sessions with Plumita Lunes Nuñes: On Adversity, Resilience and Forgiveness”, 2015, graphite on paper, 17″ x 13″Courtesy of the artisan and Sperone Westwater, New York

This cartoon of a little babe is an chapter in the complex, multi-stranded progression of a abridged cosmos which exists in the apperception of Andrew Sendor. Populated by bodies and places about like our own, but at times awfully different, Sendor transmits episodes from the adventure in his apperception through his dazzlingly aggressive drawings, paintings, and films. The little girl, Plumita Lunes Nuñes, has set out on a crusade beyond Europe, afterward an age-old Christian trail, in the hopes of advertent her absent parents at the end of the path. She is the best affecting affiliate of Sendor’s surreal – parareal? – cast. For added of my thoughts on his accepted anatomy of work, see my Huffington Column allotment here.

Adrienne Stein, Nocturne, 2012, oil & applique on canvas, 60″ x 48″

Adrienne Stein is a adolescent artisan who makes amazing use of a about attenuate affection in a straight-realist painter: an appetence for depicting amaranthine accomplished detail. This painting conveys what her appetence makes accessible – a faculty of abstracted depths, of abstracts abysmal center into an alive night which speaks in the buzz of alive leaves and ablaze moonlight. There is a faculty of abracadabra to Stein’s assignment – it is a actual classical European magic, that of the alike backwoods and bugged garden, and of their opposites, the confused backwoods and the alarming jungle. This abracadabra is accustomed to the mind, but comes acutely to the hand, and we accordingly see far too little of it in art.

Herb Smith, abundant gray owl, 2015, oil on panel, 16″ x 12″

Animals bang us as funny and strange, and Herb Smith captures both the beastly and our consequence of it in this alarming painting. On a apparent glance the allotment appears abundant and naturalistic, but back you attending added closely, you can see that it is not that at all: the wings are troweled on, the accoutrement of the breast are aloof a arrangement of paint, the accomplished accoutrement of the arch are not so abundant empiric as dotted in by algorithm. This is a arrangement of templates awash calm to accomplish a bird. There is article advancing and cool about that, and Smith crowns the aftereffect with those eyes, about accustomed and yet, again, not quite: center to the beady artificial beam of a bad-natured doll. This painting is a masterpiece of oddity, its brash elements somehow catastrophe up absolutely with one of our capital perceptions of the beastly kingdom.

Zane York, Ascension, 2014, oil on canvas army on panel, 70″ (diameter)

Following up on the affair of “aren’t animals funny?” we accept Zane York’s camp and amusing eyes of pigeons adopting bodies actual into heaven. This is done with a absolutely beeline face, the empiric address affluent and detailed, the agreement a deadpan abridgment of any cardinal of Tiepolo-era paintings, except, of course, adapt with pigeons and cats. Comedies consistently get slighted at the Oscars, because bodies don’t booty ball as actively as tragedy. But ball is a austere business, and it takes a adept like York to comedy it well: not alone to cull off all the elements of the genre, but to use it for its backbone – to advice us angle abreast from our black self-flattery, and see that alongside the serious, there is a baleful ache of the cool with which we charge always argue as well.

Daniel Maidman, But His Wife Looked Back and Became a Pillar of Salt, 2015, oil on linen, 40″ x 30″

This aftermost painting is abundance – one in a alternation application abundant acrylic on base linen which I’ve been alive on for my abutting abandoned show, at Dacia Gallery in bounce of 2016. I’ve confused abroad from my commonly bland canvas and attenuate acrylic in this series, in adjustment not alone to represent, but to embody, fleshliness. Back I aboriginal acquaint this painting on Facebook, abounding bodies affected I was authoritative a acumen about Lot’s wife, her action, and her fate. That class of judgment, however, is afar from my purpose as an artisan – if you are one of the bodies who was wondering, I accept annihilation to advance either way. This painting, like abundant of my work, was aggressive by its model, in this case Monty Montan. She is boss and confident, and I capital to abduction her ballsy scale, both as a anatomy and a personality, in the piece.

Let me acclaim afresh @paint_anyway, if you are on Instagram, and my affair of Poets/Artists – there is abundant accomplished assignment in it which is not included here.

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