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She’s been attractive at bells dresses online for months, best a bells car, but can’t adjudge amid a abbey account or bank ceremony.

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But there’s no point in authoritative close affairs yet, because she doesn’t apperceive if the government will acquiesce her to marry.

You see, Melissa is in adulation with her adherent Ebony.

Since September, Australians accept been voting in a alienated postal analysis to adjudge whether or not same-sex couples should be accustomed to wed.

It’s a catechism which has already been answered “yes” in the majority of Western countries, afterwards the charge for a civic analysis on the issue.

Melissa and Ebony Drohan alive in Bairnsdale, a baby country boondocks in Victoria, Australia, area they assignment in a bakery together. Amid them, they accept two accouchement from antecedent relationships and appetite their ancestors to be formally recognized.

“When the vote was aboriginal arise I was angry. Why does Australia accept to adjudge whether or not I should accept the appropriate to get married?” Melissa told CNN.

Since voting started in September, Melissa and Ebony accept aggregate their adventure with CNN. Here’s how Australia’s vote on alliance adequation looked through their eyes.

When the abstraction of a postal analysis on aforementioned sex alliance was aboriginal announced, political assemblage and LGBT advocates initially absolved it as a joke.

Melissa: I aloof anticipation what a decay of money. I aloof ambition the politicians could get it calm and put the bill through afterwards accepting to put it to a non-compulsory vote that is costing tax payers millions of dollars (it’s about $122 actor or US$93 million) and subjecting Ebony, myself and all LGBT bodies to accidental acknowledgment to bigotry.

Ebony: I was affectionate of blessed in a way, that at atomic something’s actuality done, and acquisitive that this would move us afterpiece to actuality able to get married.

Ballots started accession in letter boxes aloft Australia, and amusing media was ample with photos of bodies commutual their votes and commitment them in.

So abounding photos were posted, the Australian Bureau of Statistics had to affair official instructions to Australians not to photograph assertive genitalia of their election which could be misused.

Ebony: We acquaint our votes immediately. As abashing as it was, and as affecting as we both were, we approved to abide complete that this would accompany us the aftereffect we wanted. I additionally alleged up my ancestors to accomplish abiding they had accustomed their election affidavit and were voting as anon as possible.

Despite active in rural Victoria, Ebony and Melissa said Bairnsdale had consistently been accepting of their relationship. Still, they were afraid about how the town’s beforehand association would vote.

Melissa: We alone absolutely allege to accompany and ancestors about it, but we accept overheard conversations about it, and it has not been positive. We about acquisition it’s the beforehand citizenry who vote “no.”

New acclamation appeared to accompany alloyed account for supporters of same-sex marriage. The “yes” vote was still far ahead, but accident arena to the “no” camp.

Ebony: I’m aggravating to breach positive, but it’s accepting harder … I consistently apprehend accompany allocution about their weddings. I’m blessed for them, but we feel a bit altered and larboard out. It’s become a bit adjoin at assignment at times.

Some bodies I anticipation were my accompany and accurate me are voting “no” because of religious reasons. We abide accompany but it’s hard. We sit in the bistro at assignment and I accept to watch the “no” vote adverts on TV with them. It’s appealing raw at times.

Here’s one of the “no” ads that ran on Australian TV.

Some abhorrent the credible abatement in abutment for aforementioned sex alliance on a accumulation altercation message, beatific out to adaptable phones aloft the country, calling for bodies to get out and vote “yes.” Bourgeois newspapers complained it was an aggression of voters’ privacy.

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The attack was acceptable added nasty. In the Queensland basic of Brisbane, letters emerged of homes with bubble flags actuality defaced with swastikas.

The “yes” campaigners fought aback with graffiti of their own.

In September one Brisbane aborigine woke up to acquisition a swastika corrective over her bubble flag.

No one would accept doubtable one of the bigger controversies about the same-sex alliance agitation would circumduct about American rapper Macklemore.

Days afore the accompanist was due to accomplish at the Civic Rugby Alliance (NRL) Grand Final, bourgeois columnists and newspapers started a affronted attack adjoin the performance, which was due to accommodate a arrangement of the star’s LGBT rights anthem, “Same Love,” amid added hits.

It failed. The achievement went advanced as planned, to acclaim and rainbow-colored fireworks.

Melissa: It was absolutely alarming to apprehend politicians aggravating to ban Macklemore from singing his hit song and one of my complete favorites! I am appreciative that the NRL stood their ground.

Ebony: I acquainted bad for any associates of the NRL that may be gay or accept ancestors members, or friends, that are as well. Additionally it’s a admirable song and to me it isn’t absolutely that big of a deal.

Watch the achievement here:

Australia’s Bureau of Statistics, which is administering the survey, arise accidentally it would be actualization a account account every Tuesday of how abounding Australians had voted in the civic postal survey.

As of Friday 29 September, added than bisected of registered voters had already alternate their surveys — an estimated 9.2 actor bodies (or 57.5%).

The “yes” attack was acceptable breath a blow of abatement at the about aerial antecedent turnout, which will accumulate after-effects afterpiece to antecedent polling that showed able abutment for alliance equality.

Melissa: I anticipate this shows that alliance adequation is an affair that bodies are absolute amorous about and they appetite to accept their say, whether it be yes or no.

Ebony and Melissa assignment calm at a ample bakery in Bairnsdale.

Their accouterment don’t accomplish activity accessible for them — Melissa works the day shift, while Ebony works in the afternoon. But it wasn’t until the same-sex alliance postal analysis that they started to accept issues at work.

Ebony says her colleagues started allurement if she was afraid about her 3-year-old babe actuality best on because she has two moms. She alike heard some bodies accordant with the “You can say no” advertisements.

Ebony: I anticipation bodies would accept been added supportive, as I’ve formed with them for absolutely a cardinal of years … I do try to attending aloft added people’s behavior and opinions, about this has been difficult so far. If the after-effects are adjoin same-sex alliance afresh I anticipate I may accept agitation alive with them alike added so, but I’ll accept no best unfortunately.

If it turns out that we win, afresh I’ll still feel afflictive about those people. I haven’t absolutely looked at them the aforementioned back all this all this has arise about.

It’s absolutely afflicted a few of my relationships with people. I acquisition a lot of the beforehand bodies I assignment don’t absolutely accept how important alliance adequation is.

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Melissa: My son Philip, who is 8, would absolutely adulation for Ebony and I to get married. I haven’t had annihilation abrogating said to me at assignment but I accept acquainted like I don’t appetite to ask bodies if they are voting yes because I’m afraid of my acknowledgment (if they say no) and how I ability appearance my co-workers.

This is one of the ads acquaint by the ‘yes’ campaign:

Local media arise it was rewritten a cardinal of times, with advocates of same-sex alliance demography to Twitter to accurate their acerbity at the message.

Ebony: Ivy apparently wouldn’t accept (the skywriting) actuality three (years old), Philip would best acceptable catechism it. And we would be honest in cogent him what it means. Philip has a absolute acceptable compassionate of what a same-sex accord is, and what actuality gay means, and is absolute accepting, so I do anticipate he’d be afraid to apperceive that bodies are not so accepting.

Melissa, Ebony and their ancestors leave a bulletin on the bank of Cape Conran, Victoria, on October 14.

“Governments should, in general, accumulate out of the accord business and out of the bedroom,” Archbishop of Sydney Anthony Fisher told aggregation at St Mary’s Cathedral.

On the surface, it could arise an altercation either for or adjoin same-sex marriage, but over the advance of the blow of his Sunday address Archbishop Fisher austere up any questions.

Melissa: It’s consistently the aforementioned altercation — what about the children, etc. Our accouchement are fine. Ivy is artless by not accepting a “father.” She has three parents in her activity who adulation affliction for her unconditionally. It’s additionally absolute aching to be already afresh told our accord is not serious, like the alone acumen we are calm is for sex back that couldn’t be added from the truth. Ebony and I adulation anniversary added so much.

Since the alpha of the campaign, high-profile Christians, including the Catholic Archbishops of both Sydney and Melbourne, accept been abrupt in their action to same-sex marriage.

Melissa: I’m not afraid at all. I grew up in a Christian abode authority and went to abbey every Sunday till I was 17. I bethink actuality accomplished it’s Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. Ebony and I both anticipate that the Catholic Abbey needs to booty a bigger attending in their own backyard.

Ebony kisses three-year-old Ivy.

Negotiation on how to approve same-sex alliance if Australians vote “yes” has already begun.

But afterwards a bill currently, sections of the administering Liberal Civic Coalition are planning to action adamantine to ensure there are protections in any bill adjoin religious discrimination.

Ebony: I do anguish that (the Australian) assembly will try annihilation they can to annoyance this out for as connected as they possibly can. It’s a affair I’ve had from the start, however, I acerb accept it’s alone a amount of time and we are accepting afterpiece to legalizing same-sex marriage.

As of Friday, 20 October, 11.9 actor Australians were estimated to accept voted in the same-sex alliance postal survey, about 75% of the population.

Meanwhile in Bairnsdale, Melissa and Ebony say for the aboriginal time they’re accepting analytic looks from bodies back they’re about affectionate in the street.

They say they’re starting to see added ‘no’ ads and are afraid the ‘yes’ afflicted is acceptable complacent.

Ebony: I opened up the Herald Sun (newspaper) on my tea breach at assignment and noticed an ad for the “no” attack — “It’s OK to vote no” — but didn’t see annihilation for the “yes” campaign, which was a bit disappointing. I am blessed and little afraid to see that 75% of the citizenry has voted, aloof achievement majority has voted in favor. I’m activity appealing assured at this stage.

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Melissa: They’re absolutely blame the actuality that this vote will change sex apprenticeship in schools and it’s aloof so abashing and disappointing. I was chatting to my bang-up at assignment the added day as we appetite to use her car in our bells and I was adage you apperceive we don’t apperceive the dates or annihilation yet. She said, ‘Yeah that’s accomplished but you guys should be able to (set a date) soon.’ And yes, while that is agitative statistics, I aloof appetite to acquisition out the absolute result; I’m annoyed of waiting.

This is one of the television ads they’re talking about, which expresses apropos about accouchement growing up afterwards a “gender advertence point.”

This far into the attack you’d anticipate annihilation could abruptness you. Until Ebony begin out how her grandparents had voted.

Her granddad was a aloft AFL player, while her grandmother formed in a law close for years. Both are now retired and accept met Melissa, who Ebony hopes will anon be allotment of the family.

Ebony: We never commonly altercate annihilation to do with me and my brother actuality gay or alliance equality, but she aloof said, ‘well, me and your grandfathering will be voting yes.’ It’s nice to apperceive I accept their support.

At 6 p.m. on Tuesday, a few hours afterwards Rekindling won the 2017 Melbourne Cup, voting concluded in the same-sex alliance survey.

Both Melissa and Ebony absent their bets on the chase but are acceptable to be far luckier back it comes to the after-effects of the survey.

An Essential analysis of those who accept already voted said 64% had backed alliance equality, a agnate cardinal to the Newspoll analysis a anniversary earlier.

Melissa says it’s been an affecting and demanding eight weeks, area she was generally fabricated to feel like a cheap aborigine in her own country.

Melissa: Ebony and I accept cried calm over the campaign, we aloof appetite to get affiliated like anybody abroad and not be judged. I feel like we are stronger calm than anytime … Back both my sisters beatific through pics of themselves acknowledging me, and adage they voted “yes,” it was absolutely uplifting.

Allowing same-sex alliance won’t actualize some world-ending disaster, Ebony says, and she doesn’t appetite to go through the aftermost eight weeks anytime again.

Ebony: It was aloof so “in my face” so to allege … (But) it fabricated me see that my ancestors abutment me a lot added than what I had originally thought, it opened my eyes a lot to how others feel and what they accept gone and are activity through … It’s accustomed me some hope.

Across Australia, there were close scenes as hundreds of LGBT bodies and “yes” supporters waited to acquisition out the after-effects of the analysis at 10 a.m. bounded time.

In one abode in Bairnsdale, Victoria, the arena was emotional.

Ebony access into tears and had to be comforted by her fiancee, now -to-be wife. Melissa afford her tears aftermost night afterwards award out her parents voted “no” but today it’s a altered story.

Melissa: I’m ecstatic. This agency so much, not aloof to Ebony and myself but my brother, Lance, he will be able to ally his partner. My bang-up asked us back we charge her car for our wedding.

Ebony: I’m animated it’s over. I adulation the actuality that we accept absolutely had bodies ask, “So back is the wedding?” With that catechism absolutely actuality article I can acknowledge to now alive it’s absolutely activity to appear a lot eventually rather than later. Now we are able to accomplish arrange and allege added actively about it. It’s a very, absolute blessed day in our abode today.

Ebony and Melissa bless the aftereffect with Ebony’s family, brother Josh and her ancestor Colin and mother Kylie.

They can’t get affiliated yet — there’s still a lot of backroom and negotiating to be done in Canberra first. Conservatives accept vowed to ensure there are affluence of religious protections in any bill legalizing same-sex marriage.

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But Australia is the abutting it has anytime been to acceptance Melissa and Ebony to tie the knot.

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