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Eight women acquire told The Washington Post that longtime television host Charlie Rose fabricated exceptionable animal advances adjoin them, including bawdy buzz calls, walking about naked in their presence, or dark their breasts, buttocks or animal areas.

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The women were advisers or aspired to assignment for Rose at the “Charlie Rose” appearance from the backward 1990s to as afresh as 2011. They ranged in age from 21 to 37 at the time of the declared encounters. Rose, 75, whose appearance affectedness on PBS, additionally co-hosts “CBS This Morning” and is a accidental contributor for “60 Minutes.”

There are arresting commonalities in the accounts of the women, anniversary of whom declared their interactions with Rose in assorted interviews with The Post. For all of the women, reporters interviewed friends, colleagues or ancestors associates who said the women had confided in them about aspects of the incidents. Three of the eight batten on the record.

Five of the women batten on the action of anonymity out of abhorrence of Rose’s ability in the industry, his ability over their careers or what they declared as his airy temper.

“In my 45 years in journalism, I acquire prided myself on actuality an apostle for the careers of the women with whom I acquire worked,” Rose said in a annual provided to The Post. “Nevertheless, in the accomplished few days, claims acquire been fabricated about my behavior adjoin some above changeable colleagues.

“It is capital that these women apperceive I apprehend them and that I acutely apologize for my inappropriate behavior. I am abundantly embarrassed. I acquire behaved insensitively at times, and I acquire albatross for that, admitting I do not accept that all of these allegations are accurate. I consistently acquainted that I was advancing aggregate feelings, alike admitting I now apprehend I was mistaken.

“I acquire abstruse a abundant accord as a aftereffect of these events, and I achievement others will too. All of us, including me, are advancing to a newer and added acceptance of the affliction acquired by conduct in the past, and acquire appear to a abstruse new annual for women and their lives.”

Most of the women said Rose alternated amid acerbity and adulation in his interactions with them. Five declared Rose putting his duke on their legs, sometimes their high thigh, in what they perceived as a analysis to barometer their reactions. Two said that while they were alive for Rose at his residences or were traveling with him on business, he emerged from the battery and absolved naked in advanced of them. One said he groped her buttocks at a agents party.

Reah Bravo was an intern and afresh accessory ambassador for Rose’s PBS appearance alpha in 2007. In interviews, she declared exceptionable animal advances while alive for Rose at his clandestine bank acreage in Bellport, N.Y., and while traveling with him in cars, in a auberge accommodation and on a clandestine plane.

“It has taken 10 years and a affronted moment of cultural reckoning for me to accept these moments for what they were,” she told The Post. “He was a animal predator, and I was his victim.”

Kyle Godfrey-Ryan, one of Rose’s administration in the mid-2000s, recalled at atomic a dozen instances area Rose absolved nude in advanced of her while she formed in one of his New York City homes. He additionally afresh alleged the then-21-year-old backward at night or aboriginal in the morning to anxiety his fantasies of her pond naked in the Bellport basin as he watched from his bedroom, she said.

“It feels branded into me, the capacity of it,” Godfrey-Ryan said.

She said she told Yvette Vega, Rose’s longtime controlling producer, about the calls.

“I explained how he afield batten to me during those times,” Godfrey-Ryan said. “She would aloof absolve and aloof say, ‘That’s aloof Charlie actuality Charlie.’ ”

In a annual to The Post, Vega said she should acquire done added to assure the adolescent women on the show.

“I should acquire stood up for them,” said Vega, 52, who has formed with Rose aback the appearance was created in 1991. “I failed. It is crushing. I acutely affliction not allowance them.”

Godfrey-Ryan said that aback Rose abstruse she had confided to a alternate acquaintance about his conduct, he accursed her.

Megan Creydt formed as a coordinator on the appearance from 2005 to 2006, overlapping with Godfrey-Ryan.

“It was actually aboriginal in alive there that he put his duke on my mid-thigh,” said Creydt, who agreed to be interviewed on the almanac to abutment added women who were advancing advanced with what she accounted to be added austere claims apropos Rose.

She said that during the incident, Rose was active his Mini Cooper in Manhattan while she was sitting in the commuter seat.

“I don’t anticipate I said anything,” she said. “I tensed up. I didn’t move his duke off, but I pulled my legs to the added ancillary of the car. I approved not to get in a car with him anytime again. I anticipate he was testing me out.”

Her then-boyfriend accustomed to The Post that she told him the adventure at the time.

In accession to the eight women who say they were harassed, The Post batten to about two dozen above advisers who batten on the action of anonymity. Six said they saw what they advised to be harassment, eight said they were afflictive with Rose’s analysis of changeable employees, and 10 said they did not see or apprehend annihilation concerning.

“He was consistently able with me,” said Eleonore Marchand Mueller, a above abettor of Rose’s who formed for him from 2003 to 2005. “I never witnessed any amateurish incidents.”

The show’s small, breezy structure, with almost 15 employees, and the axis of Rose’s ascendancy on a diplomacy he owns led to ambiguity over how to respond, said the women who acquainted victimized. “There wasn’t anybody to address this to if you acquainted uncomfortable,” one of them said.

The advisers formed for Charlie Rose Inc., and not Bloomberg LP or PBS, which said they did not accommodate animal assets abutment for the show.

The ambiance brimmed with the adolescent and potentially vulnerable, athirst for deficient television jobs. “There are so few jobs,” said one of the women who said Rose groped her. “You apperceive if you don’t behave a assertive way, there’s addition abroad abaft you.”

Rose catholic frequently, jetting off to annual apple leaders beyond the apple and agreeable time amid two New York City residences and homes in Bellport — on Connected Island — and North Carolina. Generally at his ancillary was a alternating casting of adolescent administration and producers.

The adolescent women who were assassin by the appearance were sometimes accustomed as “Charlie’s Angels,” two above advisers said. Rose frequently gave unsolicited accept rubs to several of them, behavior referred to amid advisers as “the abrupt paw,” a above agent said.

Rumors about Rose’s behavior acquire advertisement for years. One of the authors of this report, Outlook accidental biographer Irin Carmon, aboriginal heard and attempted to address on the allegations involving two of the women while she was a announcer at Jezebel in 2010 but was clumsy to affirm them. In the accomplished several weeks in the deathwatch of accusations adjoin Harvey Weinstein, Carmon and Post analytic anchorman Amy Brittain accordingly began contacting dozens of men and women who had formed on the “Charlie Rose” appearance or interviewed for jobs there.

A woman afresh in her 30s who was at the Bellport home in 2010 to altercate a job befalling said Rose appeared afore her in an untethered bathrobe, naked underneath. She said he afterwards attempted to put his easily bottomward her pants. She said she pushed his easily abroad and wept throughout the encounter.

A woman who began as an intern in the backward 1990s and was afterwards assassin abounding time declared a “ritual” of adolescent women at the appearance actuality summoned by Rose to his Manhattan accommodation to assignment at a board there. The woman declared a day aback Rose went into the bathroom, larboard the aperture accessible and affronted on the shower.

She said he began to anxiety her name, insistently. She abandoned him, she said, and connected working. Suddenly, he came out of the bath and stood over her. She affronted her head, briefly saw bark and Rose with a anhydrate and jerked aback about to abstain the sight. She said he said, “Didn’t you apprehend me calling you?”

She said she told addition in the office, and chat got around. A few canicule later, she said, a macho aide approached her, laughing, “Oh, you got the battery trick.” The woman’s sister accustomed that her affinity had told her about the battery adventure anon afterwards it occurred.

Another woman said that during her internship in the aboriginal 2000s, Rose groped her breasts and abdomen as she collection him from Bellport aback to Manhattan. Her then-boyfriend, now husband, accustomed that she declared the adventure to him anon afterwards it occurred. Aback Rose arrive her to assignment consistently and breach abrupt at Bellport, her admirer told her to debris the offer, and she did, both told The Post.

Prestige and fear

Rose’s eponymous show, with its brand atramentous accomplishments and annular oak table, has been in assembly aback 1991. What it lacks in accumulation viewership, the “Charlie Rose” appearance makes up for in authority and high-profile bookings of the brand of above admiral Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Warren Buffett. Rose’s appearance is produced by Charlie Rose Inc., an absolute television assembly company, and advertisement by PBS. It is filmed at Bloomberg address in Manhattan.

Rose’s ability has abandoned developed in contempo years.

CBS broke him in 2011 to advice adapt its ailing morning show, now alleged “CBS This Morning,” accretion his audience. He has additionally been a accidental contributor for “60 Minutes” for about a decade. His 2013 annual of Syria’s admiral won Emmy and Peabody awards. (None of the women who fabricated accusations adjoin Rose to The Post formed for PBS or CBS.)

Representatives from PBS, CBS and Bloomberg said they acquire no annal of animal aggravation complaints about Charlie Rose.

When Time annual alleged Rose one of its 100 best affecting bodies in 2014, billionaire and above New York City ambassador Michael R. Bloomberg declared him as “one of the best important and affecting bodies in journalism.”

Rose, who was afar in 1980, has connected had a acceptability as a ladies man. His “CBS This Morning” co-host, Norah O’Donnell, alien him at a 2014 fundraiser banquet by joking, “We’re all actuality because with Charlie Rose, one woman is never enough.” Rose affably accustomed ceremoniousness that night by adage that he was advantageous to acquire formed throughout his career with “women who were smarter, added anxious and added affecting than I was.”

There was additionally beneath adulatory coverage. The now-defunct Radar annual in 2007 alleged him a “toxic bachelor” and afresh an bearding woman’s affirmation that Rose had “palmed her buttock like a honeydew.” His then-attorney, David Boies, who has afresh fatigued criticism for his representation of Harvey Weinstein, accepted a retraction. The annual refused.

The “Charlie Rose” appearance prides itself on its academician bookish ambition, but his activity is glamorous, abounding of black-tie galas and acclaimed friends. He can be absorbing and generous, consulting advantaged advisers for their opinions on what to ask active of accompaniment or whisking them off to alien locations for interviews. But his acrimony was abrupt and generally angrily personal, according to interviews with assorted above employees.

“Everybody is abashed of him,” said one of the women who said that Rose groped her aback she was an intern. “He creates this ambiance of connected fear. And afresh he’ll flash a spotlight on you and accomplish you feel amazing.”

Multiple women said they had at aboriginal been reassured by the attendance of Vega, Rose’s controlling producer, who has formed with him for decades. Two women who batten to The Post said they afresh appear Rose’s inappropriate animal behavior to Vega.

‘His poor judgment’

Working for the “Charlie Rose” appearance was a longtime dream for Reah Bravo, who in 2007 was a 29-year-old alum apprentice belief all-embracing diplomacy at Columbia University. She struggled to accomplish ends accommodated during her contributed internship, accruing acclaim agenda debt and bistro chargeless atom in the Bloomberg aliment court.

One day, several months into the internship, Rose offered her a ancillary gig at his home in Bellport on Connected Island.

“Here is the deal: I’ll pay you $2,500 for the anniversary additional all costs for food, movies etc.,” he wrote to her on Aug. 9, 2007. “You will be there from Monday August 13-Friday afternoon, August 17. Your primary responsibilities are to adapt and archive all my books and tapes and files … It will advice me a lot, be fun for you, and you will acquire a car all the time for whatever you charge to do.”

Before she larboard for Bellport, Bravo said Vega told her that claimed time with Rose was a key to acceptable allotment of the team.

Bravo said she took the alternation to Bellport, area she said Rose met her at the Ronkonkoma abject and took her to a coffer to abjure money to awning her expenses. She backward at the Bellport home for about a week, sleeping in a bedchamber in the capital house. Rose was gone abundant of the time.

While she was there, Bravo said she accustomed a bulletin from a macho producer. If Rose did annihilation “sketchy,” she said he told her, she should not alternate to anxiety the show’s car annual to acknowledgment home.

Late one night, Bravo said, Rose alternate home afterwards a night out. She said she approved to bustle out of the library in the guesthouse to acknowledgment to her bedchamber in the capital abode afore Rose came in, but he intercepted her. She said he insisted that they acquire a bottle of wine at the dining allowance table in the capital house.

Then, he appropriate they airing out to his berth and attending at the moon, Bravo said. Already there, “he came up from abaft me and he put his accoutrements about me,” she said, canonizing that she acquainted a mix of anxiety and confusion. “It reflected his poor judgment. How could a man of his ability and his ability be accomplishing article so inappropriate? . . . It seemed reckless.”

Caught off guard, she said she did not apperceive how to acknowledge and endured his embrace.

A day or two later, Bravo said, Rose collection her aback to Manhattan. She said he began to acquaint her that he acquainted actual abandoned in life, admitting his abundance and success. He recalled a besom with afterlife a year beforehand during affection anaplasty in Paris and began to breach up, and she said she patted him on the accept to animate him.

“I didn’t necessarily buy it,” she said. “I thought, ‘I’ll accumulate my ambit and I feel apologetic for him.’ But I didn’t anticipate of him as a predator at that time.”

Bravo anon alternate to Bellport for a additional trip. She was alive in the guesthouse and bent a glimpse of Rose rinsing off nude in an unenclosed alfresco shower. She said she bound averted her eyes and abashed abroad from the window.

Later, he asked if she had apparent him showering, she said, and seemed aghast aback she said no. While at Bellport, Bravo said Rose afresh insisted that he bare to apprehend that she was adequate at Bellport and how abundant she enjoyed it there.

She emailed him about her assignment annual and additionally mentioned Bellport.

“Have I told you how abundant I actually adore it out there?” she wrote him on Sept 1, 2007. “The company, the conversation, the comfort…that said I’m blessed to go out there for both the butt of this weekend AND genitalia of the abutting in an accomplishment to accomplishment the books faster.”

That fall, she catholic with Rose to Aspen for a conference. On Oct. 1, afterwards the trip, Bravo wrote an email to Vega, alluding to beforehand issues with Rose:

“On a claimed note, I apperceive alive for Charlie requires one to embrace his character and beforehand a able accord that can annual for it. It’s taken a brace beeline advanced conversations amid the two of us, but I feel I’m in a bigger abode than previously. And that’s not to say that I was ahead in a absolutely bad place! It all ability complete cryptic, but you assume to comedy somewhat of a affectionate role for agents associates and I aloof capital you to apperceive that I’m accept : )”

Vega responded the aforementioned day:

“I acquire some apropos for you abnormally in what you are aggravating to acquaint me in this email. Please apperceive the afterward about me, I acquire formed with Charlie for 16 years, so there is annihilation that I haven’t heard or possibly accomplished – and that annihilation you anytime acknowledge to me would be kept in aplomb from anyone and from the top down, so that you can feel adequate in that confidence…”

Toward the end of 2007, Bravo was accustomed added responsibilities and Rose occasionally paid her for allowance him adapt for interviews, speeches and conferences. Her new duties appropriate added biking with Rose, and he frequently requested her aggregation for alive dinners, she said.

Rose would consistently appoint drivers to booty them about town. On added than one occasion, she said, he groped her in the aback seat. One time, she said, he “grabbed me by my hair, captivation a anchor of it at the abject of my scalp.” Added than once, “he would anchor my arch deeply while talking to me. He captivated it so deeply that I couldn’t about-face my close in any direction. I was affected to attending at him or to let him allocution anon into my ear.”

In Indiana for a speaking assurance in March 2008, Rose summoned Bravo to his auberge accommodation to assignment on his speech. While she was alive at a board in the room, she said, he emerged naked from the battery and stood afore a mirror area she could see him. She said she abandoned him and kept working.

Later, aerial on a babyish clandestine alike abandoned with Rose, she said he requested that they watch a documentary about Algeria on a carriageable DVD player. Suddenly, she said, Rose got out of his bench and apprenticed his anatomy assimilate hers.

“I acquainted at a loss. I mean, what am I activity to do? We were how abounding anxiety up in the air?” she said, abacus that they remained clothed. “I bethink him actuality on top of me.”

Bravo said Rose’s beforehand was bizarre, abrupt and “animalistic.” Afresh he alternate to his seat.

“I acquainted an immense faculty of abashment that I had greenlighted his accomplishments because I didn’t action back,” she said.

Bravo said she bound eyes with one of the two pilots as she disembarked. She said she interpreted his announcement as one of “sympathy or maybe disgust.”

Later in 2008, she was assassin as an accessory ambassador but was already attractive for addition job. The aforementioned year, Bravo was offered a job that paid three times as abundant as the one at the “Charlie Rose” show. In response, Rose took her to the Spotted Pig, a acclaimed restaurant in Manhattan, and dangled a position as a ambassador in Washington. She could alike alive in a Georgetown abode area he sometimes stayed, she said he told her.

She said she declined.

“I was abrogation because I was accepting away,” she said. “I would never appetite to alive achieve area he had keys.”

Since then, Bravo has formed as a accumulated speechwriter and now lives in Europe with her bedmate and their adolescent son.

In retrospect, Bravo said she feels abashment and embarrassment about her balmy accord with Rose.

“I apprehend old emails, and I complete so sycophantic, it makes me sick,” she said. “But it was what he wanted, it fabricated my assignment easier, and to an extent, it was the aforementioned bold best agents associates played. Macho staffers did it, too. They aloof weren’t activity as affecting about it.”

Looking back, she is addled by how affected Rose’s access seemed.

“He best absolutely said, on abundant occasions, ‘I’ve never affected you to do article you didn’t appetite to do,’ ” she said. “He would say this angrily and delay for my acceptance afterwards he said this. I bethink already apprehensive if I was actuality recorded.”

Blurred lines

Kyle Godfrey-Ryan was in her aboriginal 20s and had taken time off from her academy studies in the mid-2000s aback a acquaintance offered to acquaint her to Charlie Rose. She was alien with his appearance but was anon assassin to be his assistant.

From the beginning, there was a abashing of the boundaries amid Rose’s able and clandestine life, she said. On her aboriginal day on the job, Rose afflicted his foot. She tended to him as he recovered.

But soon, Godfrey-Ryan said, he began babble at her, calling her brainless and amateur and pathetic.

“He afresh attacked her in advanced of added people,” recalled a above ambassador who batten on the action of anonymity. “He already said that because she hadn’t gotten a academy bulk she would never bulk to annihilation bigger than his secretary.”

After the bouts of rage, Godfrey-Ryan said, Rose would generally be conciliatory.

“It would usually entail some adaptation of him additionally affecting me,” she said. “A duke on the high thigh. He’d accord a hug but blow the ancillary of the breast.”

She said she abandoned his actions. Afresh he began calling her as backward as midnight and as aboriginal as 6 a.m.

“It would be absent to apperceive capacity of my sex life,” she said. “ ‘Who’s abutting to you? What do you do? Is he affecting you?’ And I was like, ‘Okay, Charlie, I’ll see you tomorrow.’ I aloof acted like it wasn’t happening.”

She said added calls complex a “very specific, repetitive fantasy” of her disrobing at the Bellport home and pond “back and alternating in the basin in the moonlight” as he watched from his bedroom.

Her admirer at the time, now her husband, told The Post that he was generally present for these calls but said he did not apperceive what was actuality discussed. The agreeable of the calls, however, was aboveboard discussed in the appointment and alike joked about, according to Godfrey-Ryan and the ambassador who formed there at the time.

Godfrey-Ryan additionally said Rose would afresh airing in advanced of her naked at one of his New York City residences. Her bedmate accustomed that she complained to him about it at the time.

She said she abandoned the nudity. “He was accepting added and added balked that I wouldn’t engage,” she said.

Godfrey-Ryan said she appear the affecting and the calls to Vega, but annihilation happened.

“She aloof fabricated me feel like I was actuality a affecting little girl,” Godfrey-Ryan said. She chock-full advertisement the behavior.

Godfrey-Ryan said she eventually confided to a alternate acquaintance alfresco the appearance about Rose, and the acquaintance told Rose.

She said Rose accursed her.

“He took me out to cafeteria and told me how ashamed he was, how he didn’t amusement me like that,” she said. “It was absolutely about how I got it wrong, and, obviously, I couldn’t assignment there anymore.”

She afterwards went aback to academy at Columbia. She has aback launched her own business, Tune.Studio, which uses infrasonic beachcomber technology to amusement accent and advance moods, arch to “peace and happiness.”

“It makes me a little agitated to see him on television,” she said. “Everything I accomplished with journalism there fabricated me not appetite to stay.”

A job interview, afresh denial

Another woman gave assorted interviews to The Post about her acquaintance with Rose but requested anonymity out of affair for her privacy.

In 2009, she was in her mid-30s, attractive to breach into advertisement journalism afterwards belief backroom and earning her alum bulk in Europe. While alive at a cultural foundation in New York City, her bang-up offered to put her in blow with Charlie Rose.

Rose responded with interest.

The affairs that followed, she said, were unconventional: a banquet at a restaurant, backward at night with Rose’s arresting friends, area he drank a lot of wine. A abrupt weekend allurement to cafeteria connected with her tagging forth as Rose shopped for furniture. Aback he collection her home, she said she listened in anxiety as he berated a ambassador over the phone.

Then he affronted to the job applicant. “He put his duke on my knee and said, ‘Oh, I’m apologetic about that,’ ” she said. “He said, ‘I achievement you don’t mind, I’m from the South, we’re touchers.’ ”

No job action came, but on June 8, 2010, Rose got aback in touch, according to an email the woman provided. She was still unemployed and the job Rose declared articulate ideal.

“He talked about this position, which he referred to as actuality his bookish partner, that I would be the controlling ambassador for all-around content,” she recalled.

By now, she had been told the beatnik annual action was accepted because of Rose’s arranged agenda and admiration to do the hiring for all positions by himself.

As allotment of the process, she visited Bloomberg’s Manhattan appointment and additionally discussed the job with Rose at his apartment.

“My producers appear actuality all the time to work,” she said he told her.

She said Rose mentioned a bacon of $120,000, declared the job as involving common all-embracing biking and asked for references. Rose anon appropriate they see how they catholic calm by accepting her appointment his Bellport house, she said.

On June 18, Rose beatific her an email agreeable her to the abode that evening.

“As I mentioned, I’m activity to my abode on connected island tonight to write…and afresh advancing aback tomorrow for a dinner. This is to allure to visit…

“You acquire your own addition of the house, or alike a guesthouse, It’s on the water, additional Olympic pool, tennis court, affluence of movies and books and sailing and I run on the bank at aurora and sunset…This has no access on our chat about assignment projects.”

He added abreast the end of the email: “Bring addition if you like. I’m on deadline, so i will be autograph all the time and will not be absorbing except break for exercise and meals. Let me know…before noon.”

Eager to acreage the job, the woman agreed to biking with Rose to Bellport, which is about 60 afar from Manhattan.

She gave the afterward account:

That evening, afterwards endlessly for banquet and accepting lost, they accustomed at the abode afterwards midnight. She did not see anyone abroad there. Rose proposed she accept a DVD of his appearance that they could watch together. Afterwards the show, Rose gave her a bout of the property. The guesthouse, she noticed, was arranged with clutter, uninhabitable.

At the pool, Rose dangled his legs in the baptize and afresh said that he bare to change because his blow legs were wet. He alternate cutting a white bathrobe, which was open; he wore annihilation underneath.

“I thought, I’m doomed,” she said. “I was absolutely panicked. In retrospect, I anticipation of a actor things I could acquire done.”

She said she was not bagged — Rose had bashed his wine and afresh chastening at the restaurant — but said he appeared to be. It was about 2 a.m. and she was exhausted, she said. She additionally said she acquainted abandoned and powerless. It was the average of the night, they were on his abandoned property, and she did not apperceive how to drive.

“I started talking in this aged and besetting way,” she said. “I started talking about power, how the corruption of ability can be. He absolutely absent it. ‘What are you talking about? That’s absolutely not the case.’ ”

She said he afresh approved to put a duke bottomward her pants.

“By the time he affected me the aboriginal time, he was already actual angry,” she said. “I was scared, and I was additionally affectionate of frozen.”

After that, her anamnesis is “hazy,” she said. They concluded up in his bedroom.

“I really, honestly, I’ve approved so hard, abnormally recently, aback I’ve been cerebration about this, to try to bethink what happened amid sitting by the basin and actuality in his bed,” she said. “I acquire no bond of how we went from actuality to there. I do bethink I was arrant the absolute time.”

He accomplished bottomward her pants again, she said, and she pushed his easily away. As she wept, she said, Rose asked her, “Baby, oh baby, why are you crying?”

The appointment concluded aback he appeared to be comatose and she acquainted she could leave the room, she said.

The abutting day, she said there was little acknowledgment of what had happened. She declared the antecedent night to him “as a bit of a disaster” and he said, “What do you mean?”

A few canicule later, she followed up about the job.

In retrospect, she said, “Remaining bashful accustomed me to abide abstinent what had occurred. It was in that accompaniment of abnegation that I wrote to him allurement about the job.”

He replied with his regrets.

“The accomplished affair was absolutely the best base and best aspersing acquaintance I’ve anytime had,” the woman says now. A acquaintance she confided in at the time declared her as accepting been “distraught” in account what happened.

“To acquire been acclimated in the way she was larboard her activity absolutely abashed and absolutely distressed,” the acquaintance told The Post. The acquaintance encouraged her to address about her experience, and she chose to do so as a abbreviate story.

In one of the drafts that she aggregate with The Post, a tall, drawling television host alleged “Johnny Pose” brings a adolescent woman to his country home on Connected Island to altercate a job opportunity.

The woman said she afflicted some key capacity about what happened by the pool. And in the story, clashing in absolute life, she said, she beheld the host with antipathy rather than fear.

She said she submitted the adventure to several annual editors in 2010 and 2011. Paris Review editor Lorin Stein beneath to broadcast the adventure but wrote to her in March 2011, “It has the arena of accuracy (alas).”

The woman blue-blooded the story, “The Hunt.” The bifold entendre, she said, was intentional.

“I was hunting for a job,” she told The Post, “and he was hunting for me.”

Julie Tate and Alice Crites contributed to this report.

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