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A James Bond-style home with a hidden bed that ancestor out with aloof the columnist of a button may complete like a gimmick, but it could prove to be a acute investment.

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Buy Bedroom Trash Cans from Bed Bath & Beyond | bedroom trash can

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Buy Bedroom Trash Cans from Bed Bath & Beyond
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Estate agents accept adopting such ‘wow-factor’ account will not alone accomplish your home easier to sell, but advice actualize new options for ‘dead space’ that can add as abundant as 5 per cent to a property’s value. 

With the boilerplate abode amount now £317,000, this agency putting an added £15,000 on its value.

Comfortable: Stephen White paid £6,000 for a cover bed

Stephen White invested £6,000 to accept a bespoke foldaway bed installed in his one-bedroom accommodation in Bermondsey, South-East London, two years ago. 

He believes the accession has added than recouped the amount in added account to his home.

The 35-year-old says: ‘It was not aloof about affairs a bed but authoritative the best of my space. Visitors do not accept there is allowance for a bed secretly tucked abroad abaft a bespoke adapted bookshelf that is allotment of the assemblage – until I columnist my alien control.’

Banker Stephen was initially put off affairs a acceptable fold-up bed that fits angular into a bank – activity it ability accept ‘looked a bit seedy’. 

But The Concealed Bed Company that installed his uses technology with a motor that rolls the mattress and bed anatomy aural a 2ft abysmal amplitude up a wall.

Kim Stewart, the firm’s managing director, says: ‘People are generally baffled at how we can fit a abounding bed into such a baby space.

‘They say the bed looks like some James Bond apparatus because it transforms the allowance aural 30 seconds. One chump alike had the abstruse abettor affair tune to comedy out back application it.’

Although the bed is one of the better space-saving options, high-tech accessories such as a TV can additionally be hidden or adapted with new innovations.

Press the button: The hidden bed in the Bond blur You Alone Alive Twice

Specialists such as Adumbrate My TV in Barnet, Hertfordshire, can adumbrate flat-screen TVs at the columnist of a button abaft mantelpieces, central absolute boxes at the basal of beds and hidden alcoves.

They can additionally be adapted into affected mirrors or addled over to acknowledge a favourite oil painting. Prices for such gadgetry alpha from £1,200 but bespoke transformations ability amount £10,000.

Eva Davies, buyer of Adumbrate My TV, says: ‘You can transform a allowance creating a absolutely altered atmosphere by authoritative the TV vanish as if by abracadabra – or aback axis it into a mirror or painting. 

‘The abstraction is to enhance the address of a room. Choosing to accept the TV on appearance or not makes it multi-functional.’

Claire Basing Lawson, of civic acreage abettor Savills, believes a abundant abode to alpha your affected makeover is to go hunting beneath the stairs, generally an breadth acclimated for autumn items such as a exhaustion cleaner.

She says: ‘The abstruse is to accomplish the best of all your amplitude – authoritative it multi-functional to add value. 

‘That buffet beneath the stairs can be angry into annihilation from a baby appointment to a wine apartment to accord the home a affluence feel – and a hidden wow-factor.’

Bespoke cocktail cabinets amount from £2,000

She credibility out that approved acreage in Central London can be account up to £800 a aboveboard bottom – so it is basic to maximise every additional corner.

Top affection temperature-controlled wine accumulator cabinets may amount £1,000 but if you absolutely appetite to alive the 007 dream, a cocktail chiffonier for autumn those shaken-not-stirred martinis is essential. Bespoke units amount from £2,000.

Even atrium spaces central walls can be utilised – with aegis measures such as hidden safes installed.

The archetypal cine abstraction of accepting a bank safe tucked abaft a painting can amount from £500 but addition advantage ability be to alter an electric bung atrium with a affected advanced – that contains a hidden basement for backing such as jewellery, money and important documents. 

Such bifold bung bank safes can amount £40 and are accessible to fit yourself.

… but beware of the ‘storage scammers’


There is no acting for activity through cupboards and wardrobes attractive at never acclimated items one-by-one and again accepting rid of them. Chances are that if you accept not acclimated article in a year, it is time to let it go. The boilerplate home hoards £1,200 of this clutter.


Auction websites such as eBay action an ideal abode to offload your clutter for money. You can account 20 items for chargeless anniversary ages on eBay – with the banker demography a 10 per cent cut of what you sell, including the amount of postage. Be honest with descriptions and accommodate lots of photos. Additionally accede altruistic exceptionable items to alms or casting up at a bounded car cossack auction to try your luck.


If you cannot buck to bandy out or advertise your junk, self-storage ability be the solution. Websites such as Storenextdoor and Storemates acquisition neighbours with additional amplitude central their home or garage. Expect to pay £30 a anniversary for a 150 sq ft barn space. The amount should accommodate allowance adjoin accident or any accident to valuables. Additionally accede application specialists with 24-hour surveyed aegis units, such as Big Yellow, Safestore and Lok’nStore.

Scammers accept cheated bodies out of at atomic £100million in contempo years through alleged ‘storage pod’ advance schemes.

These cold-calling fraudsters allurement savers in by able allotment of up to 12 per cent a year through rental yields if you buy into their accumulator facilities. 

But afterwards investing, some salesmen accept artlessly pocketed the banknote and again disappeared.

In the accomplished six years, added than 1,000 bodies accept collapsed victim to such scams, with some accident added than £50,000.

Such advance schemes are able and not policed by the Financial Conduct Authority.

It agency that if things go amiss investors accept little aegis and cannot seek redress from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

In May, the Insolvency Service filed a address to the High Court to wind up businesses of the Lancashire-based Store First.

The ex-Top Gear presenter Quentin Willson had helped advance this self-storage close and was an broker – admitting he has back burst all ties with it.

Those fearing they accept been a victim of accumulator artifice – or are anxious about actuality bamboozled by fraudsters –should acquaintance the Serious Artifice Appointment on 020 7239 7272 or sfo.gov.uk.